Introducing the Hive Toronto Privacy Badges Curriculum

Do you work with learners, ages 13+, who would like to earn Hive Toronto privacy badges?  Ten Hive Toronto privacy learning activities, linked to prototype level badges, are available for librarians, community centre workers, teachers, and peer facilitators to use.

We created a A Facilitator’s Guide, as well as four teaching kits that explain the overarching themes of Personal Information, Privacy Policy, Privacy in Everyday Life, and Privacy Futures to help you get started.

Three of the Privacy Badges are were earnable on the Mozilla Webmaker site until 2015. All 10 badges remain in prototype form and can be issued by printing them out. Use one of the badges in a workshop, or use them all – the choice is yours!


Badges that were earnable on Webmaker

Three badges were earnable on the Mozilla Webmaker site in 2015.


Data Trail TimelineData Trail Timeline

This badge is awarded to participants who create a data trail timeline, to illustrate all the ways their personal information is being collected online.

Get started with the Data Trail Timeline activity.



IP Address TracerIP Address Tracer

This badge is awarded to individuals who learn how to trace internet protocol (IP) addresses to create a map of the websites they use.

Get started with the IP Address Tracer activity.


Privacy Coach BadgePrivacy Coach

This badge is awarded to learners who help someone else protect their privacy online. Teach someone about private browsing windows, how to enhance their privacy settings, or lead them through a Hive Toronto privacy activity.

Get started with the Privacy Coach activity kit.

Badges that can be printed out



This badge is awarded to participants who learn about personally identifiable information by remixing the code of a biography webpage.

Get started with the Anonymizer activity kit




This badge is awarded to participants who learn about requesting their personal information from a social media service or telecommunications company.

Get started with the Requester activity kit



RemixerPIPEDA Remixer

This badge is awarded to participants who research a part of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and create a collaborative website.

Get started with the PIPEDA Remixer activity kit




This badge is awarded to participants who remix a profile page for on organization or job title involved with privacy in Canada.

Get started with the Profiler activity kit




This badge is awarded to participants who decode an encrypted message and explore passwords and encryption on mobile phones.

Get started with the Mobile activity kit



IoTInternet of Things

This badge is awarded to participants who consider a future with appliances like an internet fridge, and create a web comic to tell a futuristic privacy story.

Get started with the Internet of Things activity kit




This badge is awarded to participants who print or explore a 3D model of a drone and examine the privacy implications of flying cameras.

Get started with the Drones activity kit



All badge designs and curriculum resources that were created for this project are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-4.0 International License.  You can remix or adapt these activities for your learning setting.The open badge prototypes for privacy (images and metadata) are available on GitHub.  Mozilla has included a selection of these badges in the Protect your Data activities on the Mozilla Learning site.

This project has been funded by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC); the views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the OPC.

Last updated: 07 June 2016