Since its first iteration in 2012, Mozilla Hive Toronto Learning Network has emerged as a dynamic force for learning and engagement. A thriving collaboration with 42 youth-serving member organizations across the city, Hive Toronto has engaged more than 3,500 youth and educators in connected learning experiences through funded programs and public events.

  • For youth, Hive Toronto creates opportunities that enable learning through hands-on making and exploration with peers and mentors, and that develop digital and web literacy skills for future success.
  • For educators, including youth-serving organizations, formal and informal educators, designers, makers, artists and technologists, Hive Toronto offers the opportunity to inspire and be inspired through shared commitment and participation in building innovative and transformative educational experiences for youth.
  • For partners, technologists and tool-builders, Hive Toronto a distributed learning lab that provides opportunities to mentor young makers and inventors, playtest and provide feedback for new prototypes, and develop new approaches and tools with learning innovators.




Hive Toronto is comprised of 46 organizations such as museums, libraries, code clubs, advocacy groups, higher education institutions, afterschool programs, and tech start-ups. Together, they create equitable and accessible opportunities for young people to explore their interests and gain skills that prepare them for success in the information age.

Guided by the design values of connected learning, Hive Toronto programs: engage youth around their personal interests, peer culture and civic participation; focus on production-centered, hands-on making and skill building; harness digital media, technology and the web to broaden and diversify learning opportunities; offer meaningful and supportive interactions with peers and mentors; and link learning experiences with schools and communities.

The ongoing commitment and contributions of Hive Toronto members enable the network to pursue its mission and impact the lives of young people. Educators and institutions are empowered to innovate around the ideas, practices, and tools associated with connected learning through funded collaborations, meet-ups, events and online/offline communities of practice. By modeling networked behavior and open participation, educators in Hive Toronto learn with and from one another, organizing to build new approaches that transform the city’s learning ecology and aid youth in discovering their agency and pursuing their passions.

Hive Toronto programs primarily serve public school youth from across the GTA with some members’ programs extending into Kitchener-Waterloo and Hamilton. These programs help young people develop competencies in the following areas:

  • Advocacy/Social Justice
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Critical Thinking and Collaboration
  • Digital/Web Literacy
  • Media Production
  • Games, Systems and Design Thinking
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (STEAM)
  • Youth Development and Leadership