The following organizations and partners take an active role in driving the strategic direction of Hive Toronto:



Mozilla has been the steward of Hive Toronto since its beginning in 2012. Through its Webmaker initiative, Mozilla is dedicated to teaching digital skills and web literacy to build a web that’s open and participatory. Hive Learning Networks are a project within the global Webmaker Community, which is comprised of educators, technologists and others who want to explore, tinker and create with the web, and share their knowledge with others.



The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) invested $365,000 in Hive Toronto in 2012 to support the network’s growth and provide funding for collaborative member projects that create innovative connected learning opportunities for youth.



The MacArthur Foundation founded Hive Learning Networks through its Digital Media and Learning initiative. The diverse yet linked Digital Media and Learning portfolio and the connected learningprinciples have provided a fertile ground for re-imagining learning in a digital age, and the Hive Learning Networks aim to put these principles into action through their efforts to link anytime, anywhere learning opportunities within urban centers.



Hive Research Lab is an applied research partner of Hive NYC, and is a collaboration between Indiana University and New York University. Its mandate is to investigate and strengthen the network as a context for innovation in out-of-school learning organizations and as a support for interest-driven learning by young people. The Hive Research Lab readily shares its findings with the Hive Global community.